Back to School Plan: Updated 8/3


Dear Maverick Families-

Movement Schools exist to love and value your children by providing them with a world-class education. We do this by building schools where students, staff, and families thrive. As a school board, we are continuously working to keep these commitments through our response to Covid-19.

On July 21 our school board met and decided on the following components for our back to school plan:

Orientation/Staggered Entry August 17-28
First Day of Instruction for All Students August 31
First Possible In-Person Instruction August 31
Decision date for In-Person Instruction Week of August 24

At our July meeting we agreed on the Covid-19-related metrics we would monitor to inform when we could begin in-person instruction. You can view these metrics here. Since our July 21 meeting, we have continued to monitor these metrics. Unfortunately these metrics have not improved significantly. And we are especially aware that Mecklenburg County’s positive test rate is much higher than the CDC’s most recent recommendations for safely reopening schools for in-person instruction.

Based on these data, on August 3 the school board decided to move the first possible date for in-person learning from August 31 to October 1. Making this decision now rather than waiting gives our families and our staff maximum possible time to prepare for virtual learning. Below is a comparison of the original plan and the updated plan.

Original Plan
(adopted July 21)
Updated Plan
(adopted August 3)
Orientation/Staggered Entry August 17-28 August 17-28
First Day of Instruction (for all students) August 31 August 31
(all students virtual)
Earliest Possible Date for In-Person Instruction August 31 October 1
Decision date for In-person Instruction Week of August 24 By September 18

Please note: Families who wish to remain 100% virtual during orientation/staggered entry can do so. Students are not required to attend orientation/staggered entry in person.

Our parent surveys show that 50% of parents would prefer to begin school in-person and 50% would prefer to begin school virtually. We hate that we are not immediately able to accommodate families who want in-person instruction. Please know we are committed to (1) offering exceptional virtual instruction, and (2) offering in-person as soon possible.

We have been preparing for this situation since spring, starting with proactively purchasing electronic devices for every child. We also intentionally chose curricula that are effective in a virtual setting. Most importantly, we have a team of exceptional teachers ready to partner with you and your child to make sure they thrive.

Thank you for being a part of the Maverick family.  As a board member and father of three students at Movement Schools, I look forward to the day when we can all gather together again. Until then, I hope you will watch our latest videos from inside our Eastland Campus and our newest expansion to our Freedom Campus. Together, we are building something amazing and COVID-19 cannot stop that!


Tim Hurley, on behalf of the Movement School Board



Maverick Families,
We know our families have highly anticipated communication for this school year. We appreciate your patience as we collect data we need to make an informed decision. At Movement Schools, students, staff, and families safety is our top priority. In planning for the 2020-2021 school year Movement Schools Board strives to maintain safety while keeping our promise of a world class education.
With the recent announcement from Governor Roy Cooper, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction guidance, and guidance from the North Carolina Department of Health and Mecklenburg County, Movement School has made the decision to move forward with two weeks of staggered entry while planning for both a hybrid entry and a Movement School Virtual Academy. During the week of August 24, we will assess whether we believe it is safe to proceed with our hybrid, in person learning plan. This decision will be dependent on the current number of new COVID cases in NC and Mecklenburg County, COVID impact data by communities and demographics, parent and staff surveys, information from other schools in North Carolina, and information and data from other states opening for instruction before NC. At all times, parent will have the option to enroll in our virtual learning academy.
Movement Schools returns Monday August 17, 2020. During this time we are planning for a staggered entry for all students over the course of two weeks. This means all students will have the opportunity to come to school in small groups (no more than 6) for two consecutive days to meet their teachers, receive technology, get acquainted with their online platforms, and complete the beginning of the year academic screenings. Students will be assigned a re-entry group, as shown below in the chart. Students that are relatives (i.e. siblings etc) will be grouped together. Information from these screenings will be used to inform instructional decisions and groupings throughout the first quarter of the academic year. Staggered entry will prepare students for virtual learning because virtual learning is a key factor in both the hybrid learning plan and the full movement school virtual academy plan.

* Wednesday will be reserved for cleaning between groups, as safety is our top priority.

After the two weeks of screening and preparation with online platforms, we will then decide as a school to move to either a hybrid plan or movement school virtual academy plan. Please expect an update from the school by the week of August 24th.  See plan descriptions below:

At any given point families have the option to select the movement virtual academy plan. This means that families have the choice from the start of the school year to go. It is our hope that we can provide our parents with a choice on their child’s education. We thank you in advance for your support, flexibility, and patience as we navigate this pandemic together.

Please complete your Student Reentry Survey by July 28.

If you have questions please call the school at (704) 585-1356 between 9:00 – 3:00. You can also email Thank you again for your partnership as we work to make it a great year for our entire Maverick family.

Principal Sumter and the Movement School Team
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