In-Person Instruction Update: 9/18

Please note: The date of our next board meeting has been moved from 9/25 to 9/28. You can find zoom info here.


Dear Maverick Families-

I want to update you on the decisions made at our September 17 board meeting. I also want to thank you for helping us launch the school year successfully.

First: Thank you! This is a school year like no other. You know that. In the face of these challenges, I see our families and staff rising to the challenge. We see the work you are doing to make this year work. My family’s victory this week was seeing our son Paul, a 1st grader at Movement, log into his first Zoom meeting all by himself. As a grown adult, I still struggle with that. I hope you too can see and celebrate your family’s victories, big and small.

Second: I want to update you on our most recent board meeting.

On August 3 we decided that:

  • Our earliest possible date to offer in-person instruction would be October 1.
  • We would make a decision about this by September 18.

At our September 17 board meeting, we decided that:

  • Movement Eastland and Movement Freedom will remain in virtual instruction on October 1.
  • The board will meet again on 9/28, from 1:30 to 3:00 to discuss dates for offering in-person instruction.

At yesterday’s board meeting, we discussed potential dates to allow in-person instruction. The target date discussed for Movement Freedom and Eastland to allow in-person instruction was October 26. At the meeting the board was not ready to commit to final dates for our schools. Instead, we will use this upcoming week to (1) solidify and review school safety plans and (2) get another round of feedback from our teachers.

You can view a recording of our board meeting here.

Thank you to all who completed our latest parent survey. Your responses indicated that 56% of our families prefer to return to in-person instruction and 44% prefer to remain virtual.

As you know, Movement Schools exist to love and value your children by providing them with a world-class education. We do this by building schools where students, staff, and families thrive. As a school board, we will continue working to keep these commitments to our families and staff through our response to Covid-19.


Tim Hurley, on behalf of the Movement School Board

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